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Healing Ways Counseling Intern




 I am Certified Life and Leadership coach and currently completing my internship Master's in Mental Health Counseling working towards my LMHC in 2023. 


Fueled by my own life's journey and my absolute passion for love and compassion, my counseling style is unique. I have lived a life full of challenges to overcome and stood up to the "norms" that are ingrained in societal standards to mark my own path. My belief is if we are disconnected with ourselves, we aren't showing up to this world authentically and is impacting our relationships with others and most importantly, ourselves. We allow ourselves to be defined by our experiences we've had and trauma we've endured, we lose a sense of self, leaving us feeling lost and "broken". So I welcome you to get lost with me because I'll be right there with you when you find your way. 


My theoretical approach combines a person centered approach along with CBT methods, as well as methods I've used being a certified life and leadership coach. My unique abilities to create a safe space for clients, connecting with them on a level allows for clients to create a radical acceptance approach to life in a way that uniquely aligns with who they truly are. 


1200 Valley West Drive

Suite 304-9

West Des Moines, IA  50266





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